George Albert Little of Reeth

NRCC-CL 9-1-622 Letter from Directors of Swaledale Farmers Association [1]

From NRCC/CL 9/1/622 at The North Yorkshire County Record Office

George Albert Little lived at Arkle Terrace, Reeth and was 29. On 6th May 1916 he appealed to the Reeth Local Tribunal asking for conditional exemption. On 12th May 1916 he was granted a two month exemption to 12th July 1916.  This was to give his employers, The Swaledale Farmers Association, time to find a man over military age to replace Little.

On 9th May the association lodged an appeal with the local tribunal asking for conditional exemption stating ‘This man is indispensable.  It is impossible to obtain an experienced man over military age.  He is the only man employed.  We have over 300 customers of whom 106 are shareholders and the turnover of the Society is over £3,000 per annum.’ Reeth Local Tribunal gave the same decision – exemption to 12th July 1916.

The military representative, Captain Williams, did not agree with this decision, and on 12th May lodged an appeal with the North Riding Appeal Tribunal.  He stated that as a Manager and Secretary of a firm supplying flour and feeding stuffs to farmers, Little was not in a certified occupation and therefore could be replaced by a man over military age.

Captain Williams appeal was allowed, but Little was not to be called up before June 12 with further leave to appeal refused.

The case papers include a three page letter from the Swaledale Farmers Association dated 22 May 1916.  the letter is signed by the Chairman and directors of the association.


NRCC-CL 9-1-622 Letter from Directors of Swaledale Farmers Association [3]

The letter is addressed to the Appeal Tribunal, Richmond.  This would have been the County Tribunal as the local tribunal for Reeth did not sit in Richmond. NRCC/CL 9/1/622

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