Clements Hall History Group, York filming at the North Yorkshire County Record Office

GfA filming Clem Hall project

Chris Maudsley filming Ruth Rising, project leader of Grounds for Appeal. On the desk are a selection of North Riding Appeal Tribunal case papers relating to the Clements Hall project.

The Clements Hall History Group are running a Heritage Lottery Funded Project:      Impact and Legacy of the First World War on our Neighbourhood.

One of the themes Clements Hall is interested in is conscription and the individual appeals against it.

On Thursday 28th June 2017, Susan Major, Anne Houson from Clements Hall History Group, and filmmaker Chris Maudsley came to the North Yorkshire County Record Office to film a selection of the appeal tribunal papers for the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe and South Bank areas of York .

Ruth Rising talked about the Grounds for Appeal project and described how the Appeal Tribunal system worked – and a lot more detail besides, but we couldn’t fit all of it into the 15 minute film!

GFA Presentation_copy

Anne Houson talked brilliantly about the research the group has carried out on some of the cases and highlighted various reasons for the appeals.  These included a doctor worried about his patients, and two conscientious objectors, one objected on religious grounds whilst the other objected on socialist grounds.

Chris has now taken the footage away and we are all eagerly awaiting the results!  Website for Chris Maudsley:



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